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    Audio Link Stops


      My PE4 program suddenly stopped linking the video and audio clips together.  When I import the video it shows up in the file list ok but when I drag it to a timeline, only the video shows up.  Nothing for the audio.  When I right click I don't even get the "Delete Audio/Video" option.  It seems to only affect .mpg files and not .mov files. (these work fine).  The files do play in Windows mnedia player fine as well.  This just started today.  Any ideas?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's most likely the format and/or codecs used to create the files? Are these by any chance video clips from a still camera? This type of video usually needs to be converted to a more standard format before you can edit it in Premiere Elements.


          Another possibility is that your video and audio clips were stored some place other than your computer's hard drive. Audio from a CD must be copied to your hard drive before you can use it in your project. Also, if you're clips are from an external hard drive, that drive must be connected in order for you to access these clips.


          Remember, when you add video or audio to your Premiere Elements project, you're only creating a link to these clips. The source of those clips must remain connected to your computer in order for you to use the clips in your project.

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            TawnyaSmith Level 1

            This is a video file and it hasn't moved or been renamed.

            I tried to reinstall PE to see if there was a file corruption issue.  Still no luck.

            I can add audio from a direct audio file no problem.

            It's wierd that it just started out of the blue.  I haven't had this problem in the 3 years I 've been using PE.  The files play fine in Media Player.

            also wierd that it's just affecting 1 file type, MPG files.  To bad this is the format of my video camera.


            Is there a preference setting somewhere?


            BTW.  I have been to your web site several times.  Great ideas there.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I'm sorry but I can't give you any advice without knowing what type of camcorder that file came from and how you got it into your computer.


              (It is also possible, if this is truly the only file affected and all other files from the same source work fine, that the file itself is corrupt.)

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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                Tawnya Smith


                I would like to help. Here is what I would like to know (in some extent, may include some of Steve Grisetti's questions).


                1. What is the source and format of both video and audio of these .mpg videos involved. That .mpg is just a file extension. Do you know the video and audio compression? Camcorder Brand and Model?

                2. How are you getting these videos into the Media Panel and from where are they coming? Get Media/Files & Folders...from internal or external hard drive save location?

                3. From what you have said, only .mpg files are involved and similar .mpg videos have not suffered from this problem. The problem surfaced within the last few days. Do you work with your System Restore ON. If so, have you tried a System Restore to a Restore Point when you last remember everything working OK?

                4. Have you opened a new project and had the same problems with the audiofor these files?


                It is inherent in Premiere Elements that it brings video with its audio to the Timeline on separate tracks, but links them to maintain the video audio sync. If you import a video with audio (Get Media/Files & Folders) into the Premiere Elements Media Panel and the program does not support the video, but does support the audio, I have seen where just the audio is imported into the Media Panel. And, if you drag that to the Timeline, you just have audio. But, I have not run into the situation that you have described.

                If you right click the .mpg file in the Project Media View and select Properties, what are the full Properties for one of these files involved in the issue?


                Once last point, do I understand you correctly

                a. you bring this .mpg file into the Premiere Elements 4 Media Panel

                b. you drag the file from the Media Panel to Video Track 1

                c. when you do, you see your video on Video Track 1, but

                d. on Audio Track 1, there is nothing there except the blank track? OR there is a file there with no audio available on playback of the Timeline?



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  I did not see your post before I submitted my response. So, I look at little out of sync.



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                    TawnyaSmith Level 1

                    I am using a SONY Handycam DRC-SR40.

                    I am loading them onto my disc drive with Sony's HandyCam software.  They are all stored in subdirectories of "My Videos" when I import them.  When I open them from Windows Explorer they open, view, and sound fine.  I can also burn them to a DVD thru DVD maker and they work fine.

                    I tried a system resore but that had no effect.
                    You are correct in your understanding of my problem.  Normally, when I more a clip from the folder to the timeline, the video and audio are split and I can edit each track how I want.  Now, it seems the audio portion of the video just disappears.  when I right click on the video, I don't even get the "Delete Audio" option anymore.



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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Use the FREE http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ to report back what CODEC is inside the file


                      Then, usually, you convert compressed files to DV AVI Type 2 with 16bit 48khz sound to edit

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                        TawnyaSmith Level 1

                        I tried different file types.

                        .AVI files work fine.

                        .WMV files work fine.

                        .mpeg files do not work.

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                          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          AVI does not mean much of anything... I could save a Word document as MYDOC.AVI but that does not mean it would edit in Premiere


                          The CODEC INSIDE THE FILE is what is important... use the free program I've already linked to find the codec inside any file


                          For best editing you need DV AVI Type 2 with 16bit 48khz sound inside that AVI "wrapper"

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                            Kodebuster Level 3

                            As John states, for best results, convert to DV-AVI and most, if not all issues will stop.


                            As a rule of thumb, I almost always convert Mpeg to DV-AVI, as Mpeg has caused me endless hours of useless issues.


                            You can use Prism at this link for conversion:



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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              The suggestion of converting your .mpeg to DV AVI does sound like a suggestion you can't refuse, but I am reluctant to resort to that at this point since (a) you say that the .mpeg from this camcorder have worked before in your current version of Premiere Elements.


                              From what I have read, your camcorder is recording MPEG-2 to it's hard drive. You say that you have been using the software that came with the camcorder to bring the video from the camcorder hard drive to the computer hard drive. The resulting file has a file extension of .mpeg or .mpg. Have you downloaded the gspot software to confirm the video and audio codecs for the file(s) now in question have the same codecs as those that worked in the past.



                              1. Do you have video from past shootings with this camcorder (ones that successfully got to the Premiere Elements Timeline with video and audio linked)? If so, are they now behaving the way that this current shooting is with regard to audio missing on video transfer from Media to Timeline?


                              2. If those past videos still are editable (video/audio) in Premiere Elements, try shooting some new short footage from the camcorder. Then copy it to the computer hard drive

                              a. with the software that came with the camcorder

                              b. via USB without the camcorder software

                              And, then see what has happened to the problem in Premiere Elements.


                              Through all of this I am assuming the all your computer drivers are updated and your computer is optimized, has enough resources to get the job done, etc. No recent updates of video or audio cards and other programs? No new programs or plugins installed?


                              I will be looking forward to learning how gspot defines this video from your Sony. I know that you are working with .mpg, not .mov, but do you have the latest version of Quicktime installed?


                              Those are my thoughts for now. If it worked once before and for an extended period of time, I would continue the troubleshooting for the elusive Why abd Why Now in this case?



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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                This ARTICLE will give you some background on file formats, CODEC's and the common "wrappers," that we often see. It will also tell you how to get much more info about these files and what is inside the wrapper.


                                When either the Audio, or the Video does not Import properly, it is very often something like the DivX CODEC (or the Xvid open soucrce version), or similar. With the info from G-Spot, someone will be able to help you.


                                Good luck,



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                                  TawnyaSmith Level 1

                                  Interesting solution.

                                  I stumbled onto the problem when I tried to open a picture file attachment

                                  on an e-mail.  I received an error message that a .dll file was missing from

                                  Quick Time.  Something must have happened during an automatic update.  I

                                  reinstalled Quick Time and the problem went away.


                                  Thanks for your help though.  I appreciate your time.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Great news and thank you for reporting.


                                    There have been some recent reports of yet another problem with QT Player updates and Adobe products. This happend back about 7.4.x, but disappeared through 7.6.2. Seems that there are some issues with more recent ones.


                                    Glad that you got it sorted,