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    Set intial view


      I posted the following over on the Acrobat Windows forum, but no joy with any answers so forgive the repeat if you have seen this before.


      Is it possible to script or command the parameters of the view/display settings in the user's reader?


      Specifically, I want to set the following options in the reader's preferences:


      1. the view resolution in Page Display options;
      2. the background colour in Full Screen Appearance options;
      3. the "Fill" Screen option in Full Screen Setup options i.e. I don't want the document to fill the screen in Full Screen mode.


      I don't see this level of control as being a security issue, but then I've been surprised before. Is there a method for this?


      Thanks in advance.



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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You need to create a document level JavaScript and use the application FS, Full Screen, object to set the various properties and then set the 'app.fs.isFullScreen = ture;' to switch to the full screen mode.


          // set the background color
          app.fs.backgroundColor = color.ltGray;
          // make cursor visible
          app.fs.cursor = cursor.visible;
          // engage Mr Scott!
          app.fs.isFullScreen = true;


          After looking at your original post and trying the above script, there is an application 'bug', probelm, that prevents the setting of the background color on the initial transition to full screen unless one exits the full screen mode and then reenters it manually.


          Since this is an error in the appliction code, you will not be able to correct it.


          I am using Acrobat 8 Professional and Reader 8.

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            sbsb001 Level 1

            Thank you very much.


            the full screen bug/feature is going to hang what I have in mind, but then there are some other issues with setting the resolution (in Acrobat) that I want the reader to use, and now I find that the colour space is a headache.


            The design calls for a document that matches the background so that assets can appear to be set off the central stage area, but it appears that it is back to the drawing board. Pity


            Thanks again




            Acrobat 9 Pro - Windows XP