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    Integrated video pane

      Hello. I'm completely new to RoboHelp but not to software development.

      I'm interested in RoboHelp as a documentation system and have one very important requirement: I need a way to embed video into the help window so that when the user clicks on a link, associated video plays in an embedded video pane.
      It would look and work similar to what is shown here:


      It would be nice if there was just a single, common video pane in which all video could be played (this would save a lot of real estate that would be required if multiple video panes were embedded within the help text). e.g., user clicks on link A and associated video plays in the video pane in the upper-lefthand corner. user clicks on link B and link B's associated video plays.

      Can anyone tell me how "do-able" this is using RoboHelp (any flavor)? If it's not possible "out of the box", is there any kind of RoboHelp SDK that would allow an extra video window to be wired in?

      Many thanks!