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    Why is my non-rasterized text pixelating when printing?

    trixiesirisheyes Level 1

      I'm on a Mac Pro 10.5.8. Canon IP6700 ink-jet printer, installed latest non-CUPS driver this morning. CUPS driver was doing the same thing. I repaired my permissions.


      When I print out a logo, my diagonals and rounded edges in the *non-rasterized type* are pixelating. I tried converting the type to outlines. Same thing. I tried printing on photo paper and making sure the settings were for high quality. I tried changing the font to something like Impact (I'm using Haettenschweiler). Same thing.


      Client says logo is doing same thing on their laser printer, and they've futzed with their settings too.


      How can this be??


      Can anyone help, please?