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    Adobe Premiere Pro Keyframes.




      I've been having some problems with animating photos in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. I want to slide an image in from the right so I set the horizontal position value for the first so the photo starts out of the frame (roughly 2500) For the first keyframe I set it to 960.. so far so good. For the third keyframe I want to slow it right down and continue sliding in, so I move the timeline 2 or 3 seconds on and set the horizontal position value to 800. This is where it goes wrong - the photo doesn't stop at 800, instead it continues to around 686 and then goes back to 800. It's got something to do with the graph and the little lines that can be adjusted in the Program Sequence window that control interpolation (I think) but I can't figure it out. I think it can be done manually but it's time consuming, fiddly and frustrating.


      Can anyone help? I've attached an image and \i've circled the part where I'm ahving trouble. It's these icons that are causing the problem I think