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    Publishing/recording a RTMFP audio chat




      4 people are voice-chatting together, using RTMFP through Stratus for better latency.

      A big amount of other people must to be able to listen at them at the same time - without speaking, only listening. Their conversation must also be recorded.


      I see two possible ways of doing this but both fail :


      1. Tell a FMS server to connect to the 4 peers to "listen" to the conversation, and then record + republish it with RTMP for the other listeners.

      However, it seems that the server-side NetStream class constructor cannot use the FarID argument. Because of this, is FMS just unable to connect and "listen" to a RTMFP/Stratus conversation? And even if it could, would FMS be able to publish a unique NetStream with the four voices mixed in it anyway? Sounds quite difficult to me.


      2. Tell one of the 4 peers to open a connection to the FMS, and then publish the conversation on it. But how to create a NetStream carrying the voices from the 4 people at once? It's easy to attach the microphone of the local peer, but how to mix on top of that the sound received from the other 3 RTMFP NetStreams?


      Any idea? Thank you.