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    Premiere Elements 7 closes opening Transitions


      I think the following problem is starting to spread as PRE7-users upgrade to the latest Nvidia GeForce driver. So if you experience that Premiere Elements 7.0 stops working and is closed by Windows when you open Effects and Transitions with one of the following error message:

      - Stereo Vision Control Panel API Server was terminated and closes. (In danish "Stereo Vision Control Panel API Server blev afbrudt og lukket")


      - The program has caused an error and are closed (translated from danish "Programmet har forsaget en fejl og blev lukket")


      You are hit by this error... which appears to be caused by the latest version of Nvidia GeForce Display (v. 190.62).  After an uninstall as described below PRE7 is running without problems. ... and PRE7 program and projects are loaded 2-3 times faster.

      1 - Go to 'Programs and functions' and uninstall:
      - Nvidia PhysX
      - Nvidia Stereoscopic 3d driver

      2 - Restart your computer


      If you install the driver from Nvidia again or a never version the problem will reoccur.


      See the thread at http://www.elementsvillage.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50609


      This problem might also affect the Photoshop Elements 7 Organizer if you have movie clips (I had the problem). This will make the organizer close with the same error message.



      That's it



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