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    Illustrator CS4 problem - Wacom Intuos3 and keyboard shortcuts

    SantiagoDiseño Level 1

      Hi to all...


      I have an issue in Illustrator CS4 in Windows Vista with the keyboard shortcuts when using certain tools with the Wacom Intuos 3 mouse or the pen. For example, with the star tool I am unable to make more star points using the arrow keys shortcut. The rounded rectangle tool also have issues, being unable to modify the radius of the corner with the arrow keys also. In fact, some tools that use special keys to activate additional functions wont work at all. Only the basic keys like Ctrl, Alt and Shift will work properly.


      This is no longer a problem when I plug a regular mouse (not the Wacom mouse). I tried disabling the WacomVirtualHID in device manager, and the TabletPC Input Service, with no effect. I also deleted the tablet preferences, with no solution.


      I installed the 6.11-3 drivers (latest), but still the same problems.


      Laptop HP Pavilion

      Using Windows Vista Home Premium 32 Bit
      Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 256 Mb
      2 Gigs of RAM
      Intel Centrino Duo T2050


      Thanks for your help