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    Organizer cannot find external drive


      The organizer shows a disconnected external drive H/ in grey but the Drive containing images etc is external drive I\. Photoshop elements 6 has no problem with this but Premiere Elements 4 cannot see beyond the Drive H/.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you go into disk/drive management in control panel, you may tell Windoze what letter to use... as long as that letter is not used by another device

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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            What do you mean by the Organizer shows a disconnected external drive H? Do you mean that the thumbnails in the Organizer has a strange looking content for the thumbnails and/or are you getting missing file messages?


            What drive letter was assigned by the computer operating system to your external hard drive when you started using Premiere Elements? And, has the drive letter been changing (without you changing it yourself)?


            There have been several reports of the drive letter of the external hard drive changing for undefined reasons in these situation. More on that later.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Quick Add On....


              Not sure if you are aware...the Premiere Elements Organizer contain thumbnails representing the source media on the computer hard drive. If you move the source media after the project is saved and closed, you will get into some nasty reconnect problems....if

              a. you are move the files that the project is recognizing from the original location


              b. if the external hard drive (drive letter X) contains the source media, Premiere Elements project is linked to that location, and the external hard drive letter switches to something on its own.



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                LESRIGBY Level 1

                The Image files are located on an external Hard Drive I:  The Organizer in
                Premiere shows 'unconnected' files with a path to Drive H: which is another
                external drive not always connected as it is used for Backup purposes only.
                The Organizer when viewed in Photoshop Elements  (Folder View) shows Drive
                H: but 'greyed out', however when I click on a Drive H: subfolder the images
                are found and displayed but with the file location in the image pane shown
                as Drive I:. Also in Photoshop Elements Drive I: is shown in the folder view
                (not greyed out) but with no subfolders. The only other thing I can throw
                into this confusion is that the folder view in Photoshop shows drives as
                Drive Letter\ but Drive H is Drive H:/  (note the slashes) .
                It may also be worth mentioning that when my Backup Drive is connected
                (DriveH:)  this is through the USB connection on Drive I:
                Any files I have moved would be through the Organizer an this only on one or
                two occasions.
                Thanks all for your help and comments

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  For now, let us focus in on the Organizers of Photoshop Elements 6 and Premiere Elements 4 and put aside details of opening up a Premiere Elements 4 project and getting reconnect messages and strange looking thumbnails.


                  1. First, go to My Computer and verify that your photos represented in the current Photoshop Elements 6 Organizer window are saved to the "I Drive" if that is where you put them. Close out of there.


                  2. Open Photoshop Elements 6 Organizer, right click one of the thumbnails, select Properties. In the File Location in General, what does it show for file location, the "I Drive" or the "H Drive"? If it says "H Drive", close out of Properties there. Now select all the thumbnails at one time, right click the highlight of any one of them, and select "Update Thumbnail for Selected Items". The program should do that for you automatically.


                  Since Photoshop Elements 6 and Premiere Elements 4 are an intergrated set and share the same database, when you open Premiere Elements 4 Organizer, the display of thumbnails in Premiere Elements 4 Organizer should be the same as that in Photoshop Elements 6 Organizer. You can also right click the thumbnails in the Premiere Elements 4 Organizer and select Update Thumbnail, but you should not have to in this scenario.


                  The above is suggested as a corrective measure, not a necessary a permanent fix for whatever caused confusion with source media recognition by the programs. I would suggest to you that it may be involved in the supposed plug and play properties of the external hard drives involved. Do you use the Task Bars' Safely Remove Hardware icon before you unplug an external hard drive?


                  You cannot always depend on what the Photoshop Elements 6 Organizer is telling you above the source media for one of its thumbnails. You often have to use Update Thumbnail feature.


                  Please let me know how you do with these thoughts. We will rethink the issue based on any additional comments and/or results.



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                    LESRIGBY Level 1

                    Thanks again for your help


                    1) My Computer I:Drive confirmed - images are there and sub folder
                    construction is correct
                    2) Photoshop Organizer the General Properties File Location is I:Drive


                    In Photoshop Folder View  (Left Pane) I:\ has no sub folders/images etc.  In
                    the same view H:/  shows the sub folder construction as it is physically on
                    Drive I:(H: with its sub-folders is in white/grey not yellow.  When I select
                    a sub folder in H:/ the images in it are displayed as they are displayed in
                    the actual folder which exists on I:.  By the way H: is not connected.


                    So Also ran:-
                    3) Selected all Thumbnails and 'Update Thumbnails for Selected Items'
                    Nothing changed


                    4) Opened Organizer in Premiere Elements - still showing file Path as  H:\
                    etc and  no images just what I think is unconnected files (red and green


                    5)Regarding Plug and Play  my external I:Drive is always connected to the
                    system and the H:Drive is usually conected before Startup if I wish to
                    Backup and disconnected at Shut Down - however I cannot give a 100% on this


                    There does seem to be confusion between the external drives for some reason
                    but I cannot understand the different results in the Organizer when using
                    Photoshop and Premiere at least with Photoshop is finds the images somehow
                    but Premiere just cannot find them.


                    I thought of re-loading the ADOBE products and restoring the Catalog Backup but that may have the same problem

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      This may be IT for getting that Folder View under control...let us see if it is really IT or just wishful thinking....


                      From what you tell me, the Photoshop Elements Organizer Properties tells you that the photos are on the I drive AND My Computer I drive tells you that the photos are on the I drive AND you see no subfolder or anything for the I drive (except its name) in the Display/Folder Location at the left of your interface, so....


                      1. In the Photoshop Elements Organizer, go to the File Menu/Get Photos and Videos /From Files & Folders

                      2. Navigate to the I drive and select any one of the photos there and click Get Photo

                      3. Go to the Display option where you found the the choice for Folder Location. Check on Folder Location.

                      4. Next click on the I drive. Do you now see you folders/subfolders with your photos?



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                        nealeh Level 5

                        If you have tried all the suggestions given so far without success here's a couple more:


                        • Turn your computer off
                        • Turn on all the external hard drives that you have connected at some time
                        • Turn your computer on and see if that has fixed the drive letter assignment confusion in PrEl.


                        If there is still no joy then go through this procedure (this is for Vista but if memory serves me it's much the same in XP).


                        Exit PrEl first then right-click the 'My Computer' icon on your desktop and select 'Manage'.



                        If you get a Vista 'Windows needs your permission' box, click continue. This brings up the Computer Management window. Open up Storage and Select 'Disk Management'. This will bring you a graphical representation of your drives:



                        If you scroll down you will see other Disks 3, 4, 5, etc... What you are looking for is the one that has your pictures on it and the one that has 'stolen' the [I:] letter.


                        You must then change the drive letters so that the:

                        • wrong [I:] is assigned a different letter
                        • right [I:] icorrectly assigned to [I:]


                        WARNING: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGE THE DRIVE CONTAINING WINDOWS (nearly always the [C:] drive).


                        To perform the letter assignment right-click the drive and select 'Change Drive Letter and Paths...'



                        This displays the following dialog from which you select 'Change':




                        Use the drop down box to select the wanted drive letter.



                        Hope this helps.


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                          LESRIGBY Level 1

                          ATR thanks again here are results:-


                          Your opening paragraph is correct


                          1) OK
                          2) Message 'Nothing imported the file already exists in the catalog'
                          Selected OK
                          3) OK
                          4) No still in H:/  Drive I: has no content

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                            LESRIGBY Level 1
                            Thanks for the suggestions.
                            Mounted all external hard drives as you suggested but still no change.
                            I am not sure that your suggestion to re-assign drives would be a solution because other programs (e.g. Picasa) recognise the Drive/Folder/SubFolder/Images correctly so of I change the structure these would then lose the path
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                              LESRIGBY Level 1

                              Thanks all for your suggestions and help


                              After trying everything suggested with no success I decided to Uninstall and Reinstall Photoshop and Premiere Elements. I disconnected the external drives and on re-install guess what! the Organizer still showed the same incorrect Drive details with thumbnails etc (disconnected). I found the Catolog file on the Disk (which had not been deleted by Uninstall) and launched this directly just to prove to myself that this was what was being loaded by the Organizer  and got the same result. I renamed this Catalog file (just in case I needed it again) and then re-connected the external drive and created a new catalog using the Organizer - problem solved - everything now correct. OK my Tags had been lost but as I use a file struture that is similar to my Tags this was not a big problem  and could create Tags from folder names. The only thing is I don't know how or why the Catlaog had the wrong file locations and why it would not repair by any of the methods suggested.

                              So with a similar problem that cannot be repaired by the Organizer and before trying a reinstallation creating a new Catalog may be  a solution.