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    How to stop Freeze frame jitter/fuzz  in PE3

    Wes Cox

      I used freeze frame to capture a video frame to add titles.  During play the freeze frames have jitter or fuzzy look.  Is this interlace problem?  How do I get a freeze frame (duration 5sec) to look as clean during play as when paused?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Did the video look jittery before the freeze frame? If so, try right clicking the video on the Timeline, select Field Options, and explore the options there, including Reverse Field Dominance and Deinterlace.


          If the video looked OK before the freeze frame and you have Photoshop Elements, send the freeze frame over to Photoshop Elements and apply Filter Menu/Video/De-interlace, followed by sending back the deinterlaced photo to Premiere Elements.


          Also, are you looking at the Freeze Frame in the Monitor with a Magnification of Fit or 100%. Right click the Monitor, select Magnification, try the choices, and see if you notice any difference in quality in Monitor view.



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            Wes Cox Level 1

            Thanks.  The video is look good on timeline and the freeze frame looks really good during capture and "add text" work.   Freeze frame looks good when timeline is PAUSED.  Freeze frame only looks bad during preview.  I can the see the video shift slightly (the jitter) when I hit play.   I have not found a combination of deinterlace, frame hold or field options that reduces the jitter.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Have you tried Rendering the Timeline by pressing the Enter Key of the computer main keyboard. This gets you the best possible preview...does not impact quality. Often you need to use this type of rendering for viewing transitions, effects, non DV AVI content. Give it is a try. Before...There is probably a red line over the Timeline. That indicates the need for this type of rendering. After the process is complete, the red line over the Timeline turns green.


              Please let us know if that helped any.



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                Wes Cox Level 1

                Timeline shows freeze frame jitter/fuz before and after renderig.  Freeze frame looks better on burned DV than on computer monitor.  All freeze frames are have action in the video.  Some feeze frames look like 'stills' but some have the leg or arm jitter in the freeze frame.  I don't have a procedure or project set up paramters that make the freeze frame a true 'still' in every case.   How do you execute freeze frame on action video and what options do you set on the captureed freeze frame?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Usually, the best practice is to critically study the exact Frame, that you Export as a still. Due to the "effective shutter angle" of the camera, one frame might look a lot better, than the one just a frame earlier, or later.


                  I like to view the Program Monitor (the Preview), at 100% and use the Rendered Timeline, as ATR mentioned. If one is set to Fit (and not to 100%), it's a bit tough to get a good look at the frame.


                  It also might help to tell us the full details of the AV file that you are using, plus the Project's Preset. There could be an element there, that would improve your output.


                  Good luck,