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    Closed Captioning



      I am using Captivate 4 and have a question about Closed Captioning.  I followed the discussion in the help tutorial which says to go to Audio / Advanced Audio and type in (or paste) what you would like to appear in the CC box.  That's fine and it works.  My question is; in the slide notes section I have typed in the script for my voice over.  What is the purpose of clicking on the Closed Caption check mark?  Isn't that supposed to bring that line into the closed captioning box?


      Any help would be appreciated!



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          Ashwin Bharghav Level 2

          Hi Gary,


          Closed Captions can be added from two places.


          1. From Closed Captions dialog, where in you add audio to the slide, launch the closed captions dialog, play the audio and add closed captions.


          2. From Slide notes panel, you can add some text. Enable it for Text to speech. Convert the text to speech and then enable the same text for Closed Captions.  This should show the Closed Captions in the Closed Captions dialog.


          Try out the same and let me know if it worked..




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            You don't need to enable the Text To Speech to get the CC in the slide notes to work if you already have audio associated with the slide. Like Ashwin said, type in any text you want into the slide notes area. You might want to break your text into separate paragraphs at this point to make it easier when you get to the CC dialogue. Once your text is entered, and you have audio associated with that slide, just right click the audio in your timeline (or Ctrl-Alt-C) and select Closed Caption to start synching your text and audio. If you don't have audio for that slide, you need to either use Text To Speech or record/import your audio.

            Hope this helps,


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              mvlele Level 3

              [What is the purpose of clicking on the Closed Caption check mark? ]

              >>> I think your question is about the extra click needed to mark the note as closed caption. (please excuse me if am mistaken in understanding the question)

              Slide notes section is a multipurpose utility and is not used only for closed captions. Hence notes typed in slide notes can remain slide notes OR can be marked for 'text to speech'/'voice over' OR can be converted to closed captions. Thus user has the flexibility to mark any note as closed caption OR voiceover.


              Hence typing a note in slide notes will never mark it for closed caption by default. User will have to explicitely mark the required notes for closed captions.


              Also marking the note for text to speech does not necessarily mean user wishes to mark the same notes for closed captions. Hence user will have to explicitly mark the notes as per his requirement.


              Hope this answers your question.

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                macrofireball Level 3

                Hi folks,


                Just one thing to add here if I may. Whilst the Slide Notes panel does enable you to mark closed captioning text, what it doesn't do, is automatically adjust the CC text timing to match the audio. In order to make sure that the CC text and the audio are synchronized you may need to make further adjustments using the Closed Captioning dialog box.


                The simplest way to show the Closed Captioning dialog is to click on the audio icon and choose Closed Captioning as shown in this screen shot.


                Closed Captioning menu.jpg


                Once the Closed Captioning dialog box opens, you can then use the markers to sync. the CC text with the audio.




                Best - Mark


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