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    720x480 source clip that I'd like to export in 16x9


      Hi, I have a little JVC cam that records in 16x9...  in .mod files.  I read that i could rename these files to mpg and edit in premiere.  This seems to be working great.  I'd like to use the media export to convert it to an flv file for the web.  I went into interpret footage on the clip and put 16x9 ntsc, which is what i'd like.  It looks good in the preview window...  The black bars are gone there, and the image looks right and is in a rectangle, not a square.  When I go to export media and select flv, it says source 720x480 and output 640x480.  Neither of these aspect ratios are 16x9 according to my calculations...  Is the output's height less because it's cropping off the black bars?  Is this the correct aspect ratio and won't stretch the image at all?  Also, I'd like to export it smaller than 640x480 because it's for the web.  Can I adjust this to any numbers I want at the same ratio?  64x48 for example?  I'll do it bigger but figured dividing by 10 was the easiest example to use. 


      **EDIT**  Actually, I hadn't clicked the output tab at the top...  Just did that and the bars are there.  I don't want bars.  I like the idea of having a small rectangle video with no bars.  Should I crop it or can this automtically do what I want with the right settings?