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    FTP setup failing - server configured to redirect to sub folders of domain



      I have several domains registered to a single IP address.   When a user types in one of the registered domains (e.g. www.websitename.com, the request goes to a default page that reads the url and redirects the user to the appropriate subfolder containing the website files for www.websitename.com.  Contribute FTP seems to be confused by this and I can't figure out how to get it to work.  Any ideas on how to set up conttribute to use FTP on a server configured this way?



      Documentation from Adobe:

      Configuring FTP for use with Contribute

      Contribute lets you create a connection to websites using either a local network connection, or FTP. If you are using FTP, you must configure your FTP server to allow proper folder and file access.

      FTP folder access and Contribute
      When creating an FTP connection with Contribute, the application verifies that the FTP folder is the same folder that contains your website's files. If these folder paths don't match, Contribute is unable to write to the page displayed by your browser. For this reason, you must provide the correct network path to the server and folder containing your website's files, and the FTP folder you specify must have proper read/write access.

      To ensure that the website and FTP folder are the same, Contribute uploads a temporary file using the FTP host information you provide. Contribute uses the website's web address to "guess" the FTP path. Contribute then attempts to read the temporary file via HTTP using the web address you provided. If Contribute succeeds in locating the temporary file, the paths match, and Contribute creates the connection.

      If the paths don't match, Contribute prompts you for the correct FTP path.

      To ensure that you are entering the correct FTP path, use the Connection Wizard's Browse button to locate and select the FTP folder. If the path to the folder is correct, but Contribute is still unable to create a connection, verify that the folder has proper read/write permissions for the user. If you are creating an anonymous FTP account, the server must be configured to support delete, rename, and overwrite privileges for the anonymous user.