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    Closing the (Marker) Settings dialog

    jl2000 Level 1

      Hi -


      I just started using AE CS4 and noticed something strange - or is it just me?


      Let's say I add a marker to a layer (using the asterisk key) and then right click that marker to get to Settings.   Once in Settings I can type in some Comment that will be visible on the layer.  If I recall doing this in AE 6.5 correctly, if I hit the Return key after typing my Comment,  the Settings dialog box closed and I was back to work in AE.  But now in CS4, hitting the Return key starts a new line in the Comment.  If I want to close the Settings dialog box I have to grab the mouse and click the OK button.  Call me crazy - but this is annoying.


      Is there a way to close the Settings dialog box after typing in a Comment WITHOUT using the mouse to click the OK button??


      I know it's a fine point but anything I can do to save a mouse click saves time.  And I certainly don't want to forego commenting my layer markers because of the inconvenience.