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    Crashing every 3-5mins

    Ricky-T Level 3


      I was using Illustrator CS4 today, and it crashed unexpectedly. It was a "clean" crash, in that nothing else went wrong at all (memory usage not too high, computer didnt slow down, other applications stayed open susecssfuly, etc, etc).

      Then i went into Flash, and used it for ages, and then had an unexpected error in that too; exactly the same "clean" crash. Then i restarted Flash....had it again about 5 mins later, then again, then again. So it then i noticed that maybe it wasn't the file i was working on because the crashes seemed to be time consistent. So i opened flash. Left it there for about 5 mins with nothing loaded. And crash, exactly the same.


      So what do i do now? Where do i start trouble shooting?


      Windows XP 32bit

      4GB RAM (seen as 2.6GB due to 32bit)

      200GB* free disk space

      Nvidia 9800GTX GPU

      Intel Quad Core Processor

      "Aprantly clean from viruses according to COMODO and ClamWin."


      Adobe Production Premium CS4, problems never encountered before.