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    for loops for tons of function


      I'm wondering how to properly for loop these blocks (and ones like them)


      sense(pl.L2.s1); sense(pl.L2.s2); sense(pl.L2.s3); sense(pl.L2.s4); sense(pl.L2.s5);
      sense(pl.L3.s1); sense(pl.L3.s2); sense(pl.L3.s3); sense(pl.L3.s4); sense(pl.L3.s5);
      sense(pl.L4.s1); sense(pl.L4.s2); sense(pl.L4.s3); sense(pl.L4.s4); sense(pl.L4.s5);
      sense(pl.L5.s1); sense(pl.L5.s2); sense(pl.L5.s3); sense(pl.L5.s4); sense(pl.L5.s5);
      sense(pl.L6.s1); sense(pl.L6.s2); sense(pl.L6.s3); sense(pl.L6.s4); sense(pl.L6.s5);


      sense(pl.A2.s1); sense(pl.A2.s2); sense(pl.A2.s3); sense(pl.A2.s4); sense(pl.A2.s5);
      sense(pl.A3.s1); sense(pl.A3.s2); sense(pl.A3.s3); sense(pl.A3.s4); sense(pl.A3.s5);
      sense(pl.A4.s1); sense(pl.A4.s2); sense(pl.A4.s3); sense(pl.A4.s4); sense(pl.A4.s5);
      sense(pl.A5.s1); sense(pl.A5.s2); sense(pl.A5.s3); sense(pl.A5.s4); sense(pl.A5.s5);
      sense(pl.A6.s1); sense(pl.A6.s2); sense(pl.A6.s3); sense(pl.A6.s4); sense(pl.A6.s5);


      sense(movieclip) is a function that works inside onEnterFrame.


      I genuinely assume the for loop might look something like

      for(i, i<0, i++)







      But i'm terrible at parsing 'for' loops and I'm a bit worried with an estimated 200+ "sense()" functions.