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    I can't click the mouse in new windows.


      I'm trying to learn how to use flash, which is a daunting task.  To make matters worse, my mouse will not click whenever a new window opens.  For example, the dropdown windows that pop up when you click the corner of some of the tools.  (like the tool to draw a rectangle or oval, etc.)  Icons will highlight when I move my mouse over them, but clicking does nothing at all.  I have the Adobe Post Production Suite, and it does this for all of the programs I have tried so far.  For example, when recording in Soundbooth I can't click the record button or the stop button.  Thus far I have been using the enter button and shortcut keys to get by, but this doesn't work all the time because some features don't have shortcuts. It also is extremely annoying, especially for a beginner.

          My laptop is a Dell Studio XPS.  It's a little over a month old, and I've never had this kind of problem before.  I tried running the programs while using a Wacom tablet to see if my mouse had gone bad, but nothing changed.  I've searched the forums and haven't found anyone with similar problems.  This really has me stumped.

           Another problem that I think is related: I can't change the colors of objects in flash.  Whenever I open the color palette and put my mouse over a color, it shows up as gray.  (All the colors show as the same shade of gray.)

          I've used lots of programs since I've had this computer, and never had anything like this happen.  The only thing I can think of that might cause a problem is that my computer is a widescreen.  This sometimes causes a problem with certain applications because the windows are too tall.

           Any help is appreciated.  I want to use these programs, but a working mouse is important to the process!