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    every other one

    bhnh Level 1
      OK, let's say I've got a single-frame MovieClip named "TheClip". In the clip is a two-frame nested MovieClip named "subClip". I place 10 instances of TheClip on the Stage:

      for(var k:Number=0;k<10;k++){
      attachMovie("TheClip","TheClip"+k, k,{_x:10, _y:k*20});

      So far, so good. Now, I'd like the subClip of every other TheClip to go to and stop on frame 2. I try this:

      if (k % 2 == 0){

      ... and all the subClips go to frame 2.

      I'm missing something very obvious here, I know. Any pointers? Many thanks in advance.