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    Stop Movie

    amv5520 Level 1
      I'm new to Flash...I have a Home page with nothing but a top and side border. When it opens it loads an Invitation page which has a movie that runs, then six buttons appear. I can then click any of the buttons and go to a different page. When I click the Home button to return to my Home page the movie runs again and the buttons appear. How can I get to the Home page without any of that happening? I just want to go back to the spot I left where the buttons arealready listed and I can click another one to get to a different page. Thanks in advance for the help.
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          clbeech Level 3
          It's going to depend on your document's structure. You need to move to the frame that doesn't play the movie. If the movie is part of the first frame at 'home' and the buttons are part of that movie, then you will need to set up a variable to determine if the user has already been there, then move to the position in the movie that contains the buttons and stop there. in the first frame, something like:

          if(open) {

          var open=true;

          on the first iteration, the var 'open' will be undefined and the MC will play, from that point forward it wil be true and the MC will goto the last frame. You could do this the other way around if the buttons are not in the MC, as in:

          if(!open) {
          var open = true;