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    Help with anti aliasing?


      I need help with help with anti aliasing an image. I am a beginner.

      Sorry if I am posting at wrong place.  I thought here will be best. I have looked about my problem everywhere so pleaee help




      see this image. i imported this bitmap (NOT TEXT) onto flash

      and i dont know how to anti alias the image (or convert into vector grahpic). i tried lots of stuff .coundt do.

      I dont know what font this is . I just have the image from somewhere and I want this particular text only anti aliased as u can see in the letter G it has lots of aliasing. So please tell me how to do so.


      I have:

      Flash (as u can see)




      any help appreciated.  thanks

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There isn't much you can do to change the antialiasing of the image if it is a flattened bitmap.  If you have the original image such that you could edit it in the originating software, then you might have a chance at cleaning it up.  You may want to post this in the Photoshop forum or somewhere else where people more familiar with fonts might be around.  They might be able to tell you what font is being used so that you can create it on your own.  Otherwise, just go thru your fonts and see if anything resembles that.

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