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    Compatibility of Adobe Reader International Updates 8.1.5 & 8.1.6 with ME/Hebrew versions of 8.1.3 & 8.1.4


      At present, I have Adobe Reader Hebrew version AdbeRdr813_he_IL.exe installed, and I use Internet Explorer 6 SP1 in my Windows 2000 Professional SP4 . The menus and interface in all my Windows 2000 Operating System and installed software are US-English, but the specific menus and interface in my Adobe Reader 8.1.3 are in Hebrew.
      Adobe website offers for download ME (Hebrew included inside) Update version AdbeRdrUpd814_all_me_incr.msp, whereas Updates 8.1.5 & 8.1.6 are only available as AdbeRdrUpd815_all_incr.msp and AdbeRdrUpd816_all_incr.msp, without explicit mention of Hebrew or Middle-East (ME) languages compatibility.
      Is it compatible and adviseable to download and apply these International Updates 8.1.5 & 8.1.6 directly to the basic Adobe Reader Hebrew 8.1.3 , or first install ME 8.1.4, or directly install International Update 8.1.6 onto Hebrew 8.1.3, thus bypassing ME 8.1.4 & 8.1.5?
      Alternatively, should I patiently wait till ME/Hebrew versions of Updates 8.1.5 & 8.1.6 will be offered for download by Adobe?
      Note that my main interest is in the ability to search text strings in Hebrew and in English in all PDF documents. The menus and interface might be in US-English or in Hebrew as far as I am concerned.