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    Using PSE Organizer with PRE - No luch


      I am using the organizer that comes with PSE to organize all my pic's and vid's.


      PSE works fine for pic's, and PRE works find with videos.


      However, the organizer can only create thumbnails for .avi files and not mpg files.


      And whenever I try and transfer a video (or a jpg) from organizer to PRE or even just try to view it, organizer crashes with no know fixes.


      Kind of hard to really build projects when I can't keep Organizer open.


      I rebuilt my system as I added a new nVidea PSE-16 1gb video card to make things faster.


      I had the problem bofore, (also with Roxio 2009 and 2010, gave up on both of them) so went Adobe, figered they would work.


      But I am kind of having the same issues.  It all comes down to unexplained crashes at weird times, mostly in organizer.


      Any thoughts?  (and yes, have tried a clean install 3 times , including rebuilding the system)


      Thanks much