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    Im a complete muppet.

      I must have posted 3 forum topics about various issues surrounding this point and have learnt much useful information fro you guys and gals. One simple point though remains that I just cannot get the attachMovie command to grab a movieClip from the library on the right and stick it in view somewhere..

      I guess it doesnt have to be attachMovie I suppose that could be the wrong command altoghether. I just want that mc out the library and on screen.

      Ok so... Let say Ive got a blank screen and a lone library object "thingy". In the main timelines actionscript I put:

      A certain amount of tracing reveals that there is no thingy._x so presumably there is no thingy.

      I can do:
      var thingy:MovieClip = new MovieClip("thingy","thingy",this.getNextHigestDepth);

      Now this creates enough of a thingy to make thingy._x tracable but but doing a
      just throws up an undefined and the thingy MC never appears anyway. Attempting to manually set the depth doesnt help either. Even if I set the _x and _y coords its still not there.. What on earth am I doing wrong?

      note also doing
      to stick it to the main timeline dont work either.

      If there is more than one solution (as Im sure there is) then really I want one that allows multiple instances of thingy on screen at once... so something like: