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    Problem with the Code in exercise 1.2

    Level 7
      In this exercise: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/pdfs/exercise1.2.pdf ..
      the first part is easy. Then you are instructed to go to the Debug
      Perspective and set a breakpoint that is below the function you defined, but
      ahead of the variable array.

      You are shown that the variables window is populated in debug view ..but
      this is just not true. I did this myself .. and then I did it again by
      copying and pasting the code directly from the PDF into the application and
      I got the same result. The application is halted with an empty variables
      window. The example says it should be populated.

      I suspect the problem is that the breakpoint was set too early .. but it is
      where it is supposed to be. Is my problem the example (my code is identical
      .. has to be since the second try is copied) or is my problem the debug
      player? I have always had problems with debugging in Flex.