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    Selected File is not in the Document root ...


      I run Vista 64bit, Wampserver 2.0i (Apache 2.2.11, PHP 5.3.0, MySQL 5.1.36) with c:/wamp/www as the root folder and Coldfusion 8 in C:/Coldfusion with /wamp/www/CFIDE and everything seems to work fine.

      I uninstalled CF8 and installed CF9 and all seems well. I installed CF Builder and it runs ok but ...

      I followed BForta's CF9 Video on ORM generating the 3 cfcs but when running index.cfm I get the "selected file is not in the Document root" error mssg.

      I tried different mappings and installations like: wwwroot under CF, additional links in CF Builder but can't figure it out.

      How can I install CF9, CF Builder, the root folder and links to avoid all these problems?