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    Custom Tile color problem

      Running Director 11 on a Mac running 10.5.4.

      I import a .png (drawn in Illustrator), open the Paint window, and use Tile Settings to try to create a custom tile. The pattern comes through, but the colors are completely changed - regardless of what colors are used in my image, the tile is created in various values of cyan.

      I have tried creating the cast member entirely within Director, and I get the same result. I have tried creating the .png on Windows, and I get the same result. Changing the color palette has no effect.

      The oddest thing is I imported a file composed by someone on a Windows machine...she had created a red tile, and drawn some cast members with it. While the cast members created by her were the right color, the tile in the tile picker was cyan, just like the ones I created.

      I am new to Director, so I figure I must be missing something quite basic; but Google has failed me so far. Any suggestions?

      Many thanks,