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    Be advised - Some people are having post/boot problems with Asus P6T.

    nados Level 1

      Hi all,


      I got the Asus P6T, PC Power & Cooling 910 watt PSU, Geforce 9500GT, 12gb of DDR3-1333, 4 hard drives, 2 dvd rw and 1 blu-ray drive, 5 case fans.


      Everything started great with the P6T mb. After over clocking it a few time - nothing drastic - nothing dangerous - just either going manual or selecting XMP or DOCP and upping the BLCK to no more than 200 and making sure the temps didn't get over 70c or 80c.


      Now, the mb will not post from a cold boot or prolonged shutdown unless i press the reset button - sometimes a few times. I have already received some Asus tech support things to try - mostly pear the system down and update drivers and bios - done them - no joy. Appearently, after reading the Asus forum, there are a number of P6T owners that are having or have had this problem. I'll run some harware dianostics assp to test the cpu, graphics, memory and other mb components.


      If this is not resolved soon, i'll request an exchange or refund from Newegg.


      So... for those P6T owners - Be Advised!