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    Audio and Licensing Problems


         I recorded a clip 1 hr and 50 min long using Sony PMW-EX1 in SD to On Location, exported the file in m2t format to external hard drive, then imported to Pre Pro CS3 on my editing computer.  I loaded the clip into time line to begin editing and the first 30 min of audio played normally, then it started over to the beginning.  The last 30 mins. of audio were lost.  The 1 hr and 50 min. of video was normal.  There is nothing wrong with the clip- it plays normally in Nero Show, and plays normally in On Location.  This has happended to me before and I reshot the clip and all was well.  This one can't be reshot. .

         I tried making a new preferences file- no help.  I then reinstalled Pre Pro- no help.  I tried reloading the clip .several times- no help.  I reinstalled Pre Pro again- oops- now my license has stopped working.  I've tried phone support several times, and I've tried web support.  Phone support said they would call me back- they didn't.  Web support suggested downloading and following the steps of an article from their knowledgebase (KB401528).  I did so and this didn't work.  When I went back to the article the message said this article doesn't exist.  Now there's a problem with the website that won't let me submit messages- they disappear  and aren't received.  It seems all modes of communication with tech support are blocked.

         I'm really frustrated with Adobe Support.  I see a letter explaining there are problems with tech support- no kidding.  Does anyone out there have any suggestions?  This is a commercial project with a very fast approaching deadline- all suggestions would be appreciated.  First issue is to fix license problem because Pre Pro won't even open.  Also need fix with audio problem.  Thanks-  Dorian