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    How to put stage at 0 horz, 0 vert.

    onefiftymph Level 1

      Dir. 11 / MacPro / os10.5.4 / 30" cinema display. I'm upgrading old Dir6.5 movies to new monitor size using my outdated/limited Director skills...


      In authoring and playing full screen (2560x1650pixels) Director shifts the stage down an inch from the top of my monitor.


      Bizarrely, published projector shifts the stage up 1 inch, so either way, the entire 2560x1650 area of my monitor is not being used...


      In Property Inspector/Display Template, there are location fields, but zeroing them do nothing. (What are they for?)


      If there are location input fields to put the stage where I want, I can't find them.


      What gives?

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          Tols (UK) Level 1

          in a preparemovie script you could try


          set the rect of the stage to rect(0,0,w,h)



          where w and h are whatever your width and height


          might be overkill (and the second line may do nothing in that handler) but works for me anyway. In authoring I also run a handler which runs the same 'set the rect...' script prior to publishing - who knows, maybe that is the real solution.