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    Compiler won't embed fonts as CFF


      I've just started working with Flex 4 SDK and the Text Layout Framework. There is one problem I have not been able to solve, no matter what. I am trying to embed a font to use with the new text engine, so it must be embedded as CFF, if I understand correctly. I attempted this, and I get no compiler or runtime errors, but when I check the fontType property of the embedded font, it says 'embedded' instead of 'embeddedCFF'. I am using what I believe is proper embedding code:


      [Embed(source="lacuna.ttf", fontFamily="Lacuna", cff="true")]


      But it won't actually embed it as such, it seems. Here's a zip file with a demonstration of my problem; includes the free Lacuna TTF font, but you may replace that with any other, if you wish to see that this is not an issue with the font itself.


      Regarding the contents of the zip file: I am not using the Flex IDE (or Flash), so I included a Windows batch file to easily compile the Main class, but it must be configured for it to point to the correct Flex SDK path. Don't mind the Label class; it just makes it easy to create a TextLine (from the TLF).


      My problem could be related to this issue, but I'm not using the Flex IDE, and I don't know what RSLs are.


      I'd greatly appreciate anyone who can help me solve this little headache of a problem. I'm very intrigued by the TLF, but I seem to have been roadblocked with this issue.


      edit: Forgot to say: I'm using the 4.0.0 build 7219 version of the Flex SDK.