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    Reset work space

    RotoRouter Level 1

      I am a nubie to Illo CS4 and in experimenting and scr..ing around with the application I think I have corrupted the workspace.

      Things are just not working properly.

      How do I reset the app back to defaults.



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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          Depends on what is going wrong several ways.


          1 Relaunch Illustrator and at the same time hold the command>option>shift on the  Mac on the pc hold the Control>Alt>shift keys down while the launch process is taking place.


          The other way is to trash the settings folder which is locate on the Mac in the Users/Username/Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator CS 4 Settings it is the last folder you trash


          on the PC it is located in the C drive/Documents and Settings/Username/Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator CS 4 Settings or do a search for it.


          It could just also be your workspace then you go to Windows>Workspace>Essentials which is the default.


          Trashing the settings folder or resetting the preferences will get you back to the way you started.

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            RotoRouter Level 1

            A BIG 10Q again Wade.



            BTW where in the world are you? You seem to be in my time zone.

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6