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    CS4 Launch Problem

    Mr News Level 1

      I have discovered a nasty bug:


      I have Fireworks CS4 is installed in parallel to Fireworks CS3, but I have gif files associated with IE, since I want to see them in a browser first.  So when I right-click and try to open them with Fireworks, only Fireworks CS3 (and other programs) are listed, NOT Fireworks CS4.  When I browse to the Fireworks CS4 executable and click on it, nothing happens. 


      Same issue when I try to associate all gif files with Fireworks CS4- the executable simply will not associate.  If you click on the executable separately, it DOES open the program. 


      So the only way to open gif files with Fireworks CS4 is now to open the program first, and then use File--> Open, and browse from there.  Not the end of the world, but could get pretty annoying. 


      Anyone see this particular glitch before? Any solutions?