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    Flash and Firefox / Opera / other browsers?


      Is there anything yet to help with known issues between Flash and other browsers?


      I received this at another forum:


      Well for me the site totally refuses to work with firefox: all I get is a blank page with "Flash XML Galleries" written on the top. With Opera (my usual browser) and I.E. I manage to load the front page, even manage to navigate by clicking on the arrows, that is with extreme lag with Opera but it seems okay with I.E. (it still lags a bit but it's bearable).  So I seem to be forced to use I.E. to see your site! D'oh! Ow crap I deeply deeply deeply hate I.E. Undecided
      Did I mentioned that I hate I.E.? That crap was programmed by monkeys. And not EA's monkeys but real untrained ones! EA's ones at least know how to ride bicycles while wearing a clown costume.  When there'll be download links we'll have to click on the pics to get them?


      I googled the issue and see that it really is not that small an issue and now I'm thinking ... what the heck - why is my site in flash?


      Any help.  Are there plug-ins to fix?  Anything that I can let users know to do to their settings?



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          AttaBoy2 Level 4

          So where's this site that allegedly won't work on FF?

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            LilMissTX Level 1

            Jim, thanks.  Sorted I think (at least with opera). 


            He posted this today:

            I installed flashplayer again and now Xeren's site works perfectly with Opera, it's as fast as I.E. Hurray! For firefox there's still only a white page with 'xml galleries' something written but it's not a problem. I luv my Op' Kiss  Of course there's still the download links to test and boy these teasers are making me drool. Want Want Want!


            I'd heard about this issue before, and as I said, when I googled it, I found it isn't unheard of.  Right now I'm exhausted, so will see tomorrow what I can do to make it all work together with the forum and the downloading, etc.



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              AttaBoy2 Level 4

              If you're talking about that site with the sims furniture it works fine in

              FF.  Maybe your plugin is somehow screwedup

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                LilMissTX Level 1

                You completely lost me there ... what plugin (where do I look for it) and how do I fix it please?

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                  AttaBoy2 Level 4

                  Most people have flash player installed on there system and also have flash plugins in each browser.  If someone doesn't have flash on their system but does have it in their browser plugins then they can view flash on the web but if they click on a swf on their desktop it wont play.  If your browser plugin is old or corrupt it might not play flash or not some newer flash etc.  Usually when you load the latest flash player it will update the plugins as well.  I recently uninstalled and reinstalled FF on my system.  I went to tools then options then applications to check my plugins, on the left side is a list of applications on the right is the list of plugins on mine it was handling swf's with a shockwave/flash plugin. On the right side of the plugin there's an arrow if you press it will show you a list of other software you can use I selected flash player10 which is whats loaded on my system ans isn't a plugin(you don't have to use a browser plugin).  It works fine with both.  I also have flash player 9 installed I tried that it it works fine with that but if I tried to play something writen in cs4/fp10 that displays something unique to fp10 like 3d animation it wouldn't work right and if the aurthor of that swf had selected in their publish settings under the flash tab to detect fp10 then it would tell you to update.