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    How to use Premiere Pro CS4 and AE together to stabilize a shaky video.




      I know where to find and apply the stabilization tool in AE CS4, problem is I don't really understand compositions. I have a very very basic understanding of AE in general, more so the workflow and what some of the buttons here and there do.


      Maybe this will be easier to answer.


      I have my raw footage in Premiere Pro Cs4 right now, before I edit it I want to stabilize it. How to a connect PP and AE?


      Will AE change the quality of my video? I need to keep it HD. I'm in a professional setting.


      I do I take the stabilized video from AE and put it back into PP for further editing?


      And finally, maybe this is redundant, but do I have to export out of AE or can I put the edited work back into PP for the rendering (exporting) process?


      I can clarify on anything you need if I'm not making sense.


      Thanks in advance for you the help!