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    Converting footage - Image Sequence or Quicktime Movie

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      Hello All


      Im on a Mac using CS4 suite, and my footage is in the format .MP4 Long GOP from a Sony EX 1.

      I've run into a couple of problems with Trimming/Consolidating projects in Premiere and in using Mocha because of the Long GOP.
      Since I don't wont to spend any more money on ANOTHER product plus learn ANOTHER application, I was thinking that I could just convert and replace my clips via the render queue or Media Encoder to a format that doesn't have problems.

      Previous info I got from the forum was: “Animation and PNG codecs in a QuickTime container as lossless interchange formats are good. The PNG codec is better for photorealistic images---like most video---whereas Animation is better at compressing large areas of the same color, like in a cartoon. (Hence the name, 'Animation'.)


      Apple Uncompressed 10 bit - when quality is utmost and you have plenty of drive space & speed
      Apple ProRes HQ - for near-lossless quality but smaller file sizes.”

      To further confuse me, I was reading in Mark Christiansen’s book AE CS4 Visual Effects, that a Sequence is better than Quicktime movie because of bad frame replacement ease and some other stuff about Quicktime formats inconsistent gamma.  But then in a sidebar he says Sequences may not play back so easily in you nonlinear editor. Nontheless, sequences are the best choice for larger or longer form projects.  ... and something about 10 bit uncompressed is only Lossless at 8bpc.  I haven’t gotten around to learning about 16 and 32 bpc and why or how I would be using it aside from a Video Co-Pilot tutorial on creaing Blooming by going beyond 255 white.  Then somebody mention Apple Pro Res because of 4 2 2 color space.


      HUH WHAT???????????????????????

      Some of these concepts are currently a bit over my head.  Basically I just want to be able to convert my footage without losing quaility to something that will work in AE (with Mocha) and can edit and consolidate in Premiere Pro.  What is the best to choose so that I don't lose ANY quality from the original footage.  File size is not an issue as I have plenty of HardDrive Space and will be consolidating.