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    FLVs not loading

    David Beedle
      I have a list of buttons that, when clicked, should play a specific FLV, and display dynamic text. The FLV Playback component instance name is music_FLVPlybk. I load everything using the code below.

      The first time I click a button, the flv plays fine. When I click a second button, I just get a buffering bar forever. The flv doesn't play.

      A guesses what I'm doing wrong?

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          german01 Level 1
          This is the way I work with videos.
          Each video is in a differente frame.
          Name you FLV playback like movie1, movie2, etc.
          You may have a frontpage that links to each video or place a button on the keyframe where you want specific video to play. For example, on movie1, place a button. On movie2, place another button.

          The code below is used assuming you customized your video controller.
          // in a MovieClip named Video Controller insert a play, pause and stop buttons and a slider//


          import mx.video.*;
          movi1.contentPath = "EditedFlash/Text_Edited.flv";
          movi1.playButton = VideoControl.my_playButton;
          movi1.pauseButton = VideoControl.my_pauseButton;
          movi1.stopButton = VideoControl.my_stopButton;

          var cuePt:Object = new Object ();
          cuePt.time =0.5;// title - no voice//
          cuePt.name = "Pt1";
          cuePt.type = "actionscript";
          movi1.addASCuePoint(3.2, "Pt2");
          var listenerObject:Object = new Object();
          listenerObject.cuePoint = function(eventObject:Object): Void{

          movi1.addEventListener("cuePoint", listenerObject);
          //second cue point//
          movi1.addEventListener("cuePoint", listenerObject);
          listenerObject.complete = function(eventObject:Object):Void {
          movi1.addEventListener("complete", listenerObject);

          Hope this helps.
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            AntifreezeDesign Level 1
            Many times when I get lost FLVs its due to the first one not getting properly cleared out. So, even though I've changed the content path, it doesn't really unload.

            I do everything on one frame, but I sometimes "attach" an FLV player from the library when called, and then when I switch to another movie, unload the whole player and re-run the attach function to make sure everything has really cleared out.

            -Greg Neumayer