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    Font Types

    Crellin Sound Level 1

      Hi There,


      I'm a bit confused about font types.  Here's the request I got from the printer.


      "Fonts: Type 1 PostScript fonts recommended. True Type Fonts (TTF) do not output reliably. Do not use MM fonts."

      If I select a font from Illustrator, am I selecting a Type 1 PostScript font?

      How do I know what type of fonts are included in Illustrator?  I've searched through Help, but to no avail.



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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Illy may use sound fonts of any kind.


          I am not sure about newer versions, but for older versions you should go to you fonts folder (in Windows it is just called Fonts and is in the Windows folder) and DoubleClick or RightClick the font.


          You may save the document to PDF and take it from there to avoid the request, I believe.

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            Lutz Pietschker Level 1

            When you view the font list from the type menu, Illy shows you the type of font by a symbol before the font name (at least it does so on the Mac- you do not say which version you use, and on what OS). The red "a" indicates PS, a TT stands for TrueType, and an O for OpenType.

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              So some things have improved in later versions, as Lutz points out.


              MM means Multiple Master. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_master_fonts

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                JETalmage Level 6

                Your printer's specs are out of date. Today, OpenType is predominate, and the specs don't even mention it. Moreover, OpenType can contain either Type 1 (cubic Bezier curves) or TrueType (quadratic Bezier curves) outlines. MultipleMaster fonts were discontinued years ago.


                Deliver your AI files as press-ready PDFs and be sure to embed all fonts used. If your printer has a problem with that, find a different printer.



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                  M.Jay.Victor Level 2

                  I agree with Jet for the most part, but they may still want an EPS, if thats the case, just make sure you convert the text to outlines first, then you have no fonts to worry about (make sure you dont save this as your copy however).

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                    Crellin Sound Level 1

                    Hello to all of you,


                    Thanks for the answers.  I apologize for not responding sooner.  Internet connections here are hit or miss.


                    You've pointed me in the right direction and I appreciate that.


                    I also understand that there are extra fonts on the CS3 installation disc.  I'll try those, too.


                    Thanks again,



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                      Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                      Jet is correct, there is no other real reliable way and printers who do not have a modern work flow are not going to give you a modern result.


                      If the client picked the printer then turn the table on the printer and tell them they are preventing the job from being reproduced with use of the most up to date capabilities and are inhibiting the design and production process and taking you back in time and that we ar living in the present and their job has to be printed in this time frame and not the past.

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                        Crellin Sound Level 1

                        Hi Wade,


                        Good stuff.  Luckily, though, the printer says to just send the fonts along.  They say they can work with any fonts I send.  It's a CD mastering and pressing house, by the way.  The printing is for the CD insert.


                        Now, all I have to do is find a fulfillment center which will take credit cards and ship for me.