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    RH8  - Safari and Webhelp, what's the story?

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      RH8 HTML


      Hello all,

      well, another day, another interesting issue.


      The larghe help file I'm developing is to be distributed online, in 'Adobe AIR Browser Based Help' using flash, for user who don't have flash there will be a Webhelp version and this will open depending on flash.


      Now I've had to test that this works across all browsers, and I've found that WebHelp on Safari 3 (not sure about 4 - not tested yet) doesn't work. I mean it really doesn't work, no TOC, no frame, nothing. Basically a blank page.


      I've read there is an issue, though this was in previopus version of RH, I would expect support for something like Safari would be just as important as any other browser.


      The only work around I have now is for Safari users, without flash, to use the WebHelp HTML (not DHTML) version, which has its own problems of generating/showing a messed up Index ans Search results feature.


      Safari doesn't account for a lot of traffic on our site, but I would still like to give them a usable help file.


      Thanks, Nick