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    UI structure for application with 20-30 "pages"?


      Hello everybody,

      I'm pretty new to Flex, but I'm pretty long time in JavaScript and PHP. I'm really interested in Flex technology. Yesterday I've bought "Flex 3 Bible" book and started my learning.

      As sample, I'd like to create application with 4 "pages"...

      • Adding photo and description.
      • Editing existing photos.
      • Viewing existing photos (with paginator).
      • Searching photos (search form with different options taking whole page, not single pagnel).

      All this "pages" should have the same docked application toolbar...

      So, I got a question. What kind of containers should I use for "simulating" pages. Should it be 4 different applications or just single application with 4 containers (what kind) ? What kind should I use if my application will contain more than 20-50 "pages"?

      I've downloaded "Tour de Flex" to check what structure it have. I've noticed that navingation is placed to left side of application, but right side is like HTML frame, loading new .swf file each time I'm clicking on navigation options. Is is good application structure?

      Probably you have any good link where I can read about creating big applications in Flex or some links about developing not simple Flex application.

      I'm really sorry for my english, I'm from Russia.

      Good luck everybody!