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    how to load pdf and save as pdf locally


      hi everyone,


      i don't know where the adobe air forum is so i decide to put in flex forum instead. i hope it's fine.


      now i'm making the desktop application with involving loading pdf file and save pdf file


      basically, the program will load pdf file from your local machine and will add text on it and will save it as pdf later.


      the problem is flash/flex can't load pdf but AIR can so we decide to make adobe AIR which is more challenge for us too.


      why we need pdf? because our design criteria they need to maintain high quality of vector graphic even you add some text on it. so overall, it's still vector.


      we could find the way to load pdf. we could find the way to generate pdf without using php. but the problem is we couldn't find a way to load pdf and save that as pdf.(we try but it change from vector to raster during the whole process becasue when you write as pdf it will load as byteArray)



      so when you generate it. we could load only jpeg and png file into pdf but not pdf into pdf.


      thank you for anyone who try to anticipate this question


      to sum up after i read i think someone might confuse about this.


      all we would like is get  a vector image, add some text on it, and save as pdf which is still vector image and would like to use adobe AIR.