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    [CS4|JS] Moving anchored Object doesn't change its geometricBounds


      Hello Scripters,

      in my Indesign document I have anchored objects as sidenotes, sometimes they're overlapping.

      For this I am trying to move them as long as they still overlap, I used the following script:


      myInlineRectangles[k].move(undefined, [0, -2]);


      I've put that line into a while loop to move the object (until it doesn't overlap).


      It does work, it moves the object (although I read that this is not possible). The only problem is that the geometricBounds stay the same.

      As I am comparing the geometricBounds in my "while-condition" it ends in an endless loop.


      Why does the object doesn't change its geometricBounds after moving?

      How to avoid that?


      Thanks a lot in advance for any answer.