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    Missing menu bar in RoboScreenCapture (RH6) for Win XP


      The menu bar in RoboScreenCapture has disappeared. Any suggestions?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there FMnRH

          In RoboScreenCapture, are you able to click Alt+V? If not, are any of your toolbars showing? If so, try clicking the down arrow at the very end of the toolbar. See if you can do that and get at the Customize option.

          Assuming you are able to do that, try clicking the Toolbars tab. See if there is a check mark in the "Menu Bar" check box. If not, click to place one there. I can't seem to turn mine off, so I'm assuming we can't do this and you will see that it's checked. Assuming it is, click to select the Menu Bar option and click the Reset button. Or possibly just click Reset All.

          Give that a go and keep us posted on your outcome.

          Cheers... Rick