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    SkinComponent to skin wizard


      Hi, I am really loving the new spark skinning capability, the new architecture makes a great deal of sense, and is really useful if you need to skin the same site for different customers. I was just wondering about the possibility of a wizard that helps you create your initial skin file from a skinnabel component, allowing you to specify the components that you want to use for your skinparts, and pulling accross the skinpart names from the component?

      That would be a real timesaver to get your basic skin up and running really quickly.

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          David_F57 Level 5

          I haven't had the chance to look at it but in beta 2 you have the ability to create a copy of a skin class for any selected spark component from that you could then modify it using both design view and source mode.



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            ctrlspc Level 1

            Thanks, that sounds like a good idea when you are re-skining a component, but I was rather hoping for something to skin a new component, mainly because it feels a little brittle that the skinParts are only linked together by their id's not through a reference to the hostComponent.