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    Updating Datagrid's contents

    liquid8x Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a httpservice (named "srvGet") which fetches data via php-file from MySQL-database as xml.

      I show the values of this in a datagrid directly by using dataProvider="{srvGet.lastResult.topic}"


      I show the selected value of this datagrid in a form where user can update the data by calling another service which sends the data to php-handling file.

      This works fine, so that the value in the database is updated ok BUT I don't know how to update the datagrid's data direclty after sending a new update to php. I thought this would have been really easy.. like this: srvGet.send(); and because datagrid is showing the lastResult of the srvGet it should refresh directly..obviously this doesnt work like that At the moment I have to recompile the flex project to see the updated values.



      Thanks in advance.