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    Face tracking in director?

    wgb14 Level 1
      Hi all,

      I recently come across this video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wznrHpL8AJ8 and I start thinking that if we could implement something similar for our shockwave games, the degree of realism and imersion would increase rapidly. The blog of the person that did this is: http://www.ar-lab.info/mt/weblog/archives/2008/02/face_tracking_ui_test.html. The sample application that he provides comes with an ocx which in some machines will fail to register correctly (use a tool called dependancy walker to look for any missing dll. Most of the dll are located in the opencv bin directory.). After registering the ocx succesfuully I tried to use it director but without success. I am getting an error message the component fails to load. My best guess is that the ocx misses a GUI. I think if someone can open the ocx see whats wrong with it and fix it it will be a valuable addition for the director community. Any ideeas?