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    Looking for a Professional Flex Firm


      I am the CTO of a stealth mode startup. We are currently looking for the a firm to do the following at a respectable rate, and in an agreeable amount of time.

      1. Flex/AIR front end (Design and UI) * Wireframes already created
      2. Backend services/API layer development (In either Java/PHP/Python)
      3. Database Layout and creation (MySQL or Amazon Simple DB)
      4. Scaling Amazon EC2 load balancing and Transcoding
      5. Whole system must live in a Cloud and use Amazon Ec2 and S3

      Summary of project.
      We are in the process of creating a B2C video distribution center with the following b2b services: distribution, marketplace, metrics gathering, dashboard creation, and content delivery. We will certainly get more descriptive to those who offer their services.

      Thanks for your time.
      John Drefahl