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    Reconstructing a flash file.


      I have a flash file thats been on my comp for a while, think it's AC2 or something. I'm pretty new to flash so I don't understand to much of AC etc. Now the file and its resources are broken/seperated...there's a timeline fla, a action fla. pictures, text etc. It's an animation. What I want to do is to modify the flash, change the pictures. But as everything is on its own I have no idea how to reconstruct edit the fla. How do I...first change the pictures and second make it into one working fla.?

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          Lon Winters Level 4

          Is there a working version of it anywhere perhaps published to the web? If so you can use that as a reference.  If not, try to figure out which is the primary movie that starts first, that was intended to be the starting point.


          To do that, publish each one as is an run the swf - after a bit you'll probably see how it works on a higher level.


          For the next part, it depends on what your current skill level is creating and editing Flash documents. If you're fairly new, I'd suggest some getting started tutorials that explain the basics of Flash, the interface, the timeline, etc and how to import and use graphics.  (just to name a few things)