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    1 shared object for multiple SWF

    waterfall_zen Level 1

      I have 2 ways of accessing info in my course files (SWFs): text-only and audio playback. I'd like to use shared object to store the user preference so it remembers the setting when navigating between screens. It stores info file but each file creates its own shared object.


      for example:

      <path to the swf>\page1.swf\coursename.sol

      <path to the swf>\page2.swf\coursename.sol

      <path to the swf>\page3.swf\coursename.sol



      Since it writes and reads the SOL file of its own folder, the user setting isn't remembered when switching pages.


      Am I using it correctly? How can I save and retrieve shared objects to only 1 file?


      Thanks for the help,