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    Can't Connect to LDAP

    Xtort Level 1
      I can connect to my LDAP database with almost everything else, C#, Perl, and Java, but I can't get the CFML code to work. If anyone has any idea what I'm doing wrong here, please let me know! here is what I am using to connect

      I thought I might be putting the start="" in backwards, and I reversed the order, but that didn't help either. The error I get is simply

      Error Occurred While Processing Request
      Connection to LDAP Server failed

      Thank you very much in advance!

      PS> I know that the port is not standard, that is the reason why I used the port="21000"

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      <cfldap server=""
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          I have successfully connected to my sunjavaenterprisesystem ldap using
          <cfldap server="" username="cn=Directory Manager" password="secret" action="query" filter="uid=marguedas" attributes="*" name="rs" start="ou=People,o=isp,o=racsa.co.cr">

          I note as differences the FILTER , USERNAME and PASSWORD attributes.

          perhaps your server needs authentication ?
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            Xtort Level 1
            Thank you very much for your response. I did not think I was using authentication, since this is just an internal server, but it turned out that SSL was turned on!! I removed it from the LDAP server (it is on a private network that doesn't have connectivity outside) and it all works perfectly now! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I suppose that is what I get for making assumptions. :)