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    Long SWF freezes near the end. Do SWFs have  a limit?


      I have a long timeline based animation, about 23 minutes in full.  When I test or publish the movie, the SWF freezes with about one and a half minutes of playback time left. The streaming audio, however, continues to play.

      I know that the error isn't due to some sort of errant stop action at that point in the animation because I have it broken up into several scenes, and if I test the final scene by itself, it does not freeze and plays back correctly.  Also, if I rearrange the scenes, the SWF still freezes about 21 minutes and 20 seconds into the animation, which, after rearraging, corresponds to a different point in the animation.

      Can anyone tell what could be going wrong?  Is there some sort of limit to a SWF's duration?    The file size is only 14 megabytes.

      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.